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Konrad Kulig

Business Intelligence Consultant


I am a Business Intelligence consultant specializing in digital transformation. I optimize business processes and use data to support decision making.

In my career I implemented Data Driven Company, created Business Intelligence systems for global corporations and supported digital transformation of companies. I have experience in team management and product development.

I help companies in a rapidly changing environment. I use a holistic approach covering the company from the point of contact with the customer, through the IT infrastructure to the organizational culture.

As a manager I have experience in full product development cycle, transformation process and team building. I also have software house and fintech startup.

On the blog I share my experience and discuss topics useful in the processes of digital transformation.



Digital transformation

Transformation of companies into Data Driven Company.

Implementation of solutions in traditional, matrix and network structures.

Creation of training programmes and data-oriented culture.

Project management based on Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies.

Experience in the financial and retail sector.


Business Intelligence

Audits of the maintenance model, architecture, effectiveness of decision support processes and TCO of Business Intelligence systems.

Creation and development of the Business Intelligence department. Selection and management of teams.

Cooperation with suppliers from the moment of acquisition (RFI, RFP, RFQ) to the end of the project.

Practical knowledge of Business Intelligence tools, especially Microsoft.

Implementation of several projects on a national, EMEA and global scale.


Product management

Management of products throughout their entire life cycle. Building MVP, creating new systems and migrating solutions.

Product development based on PMTK, Pragmatic Marketing Framework, Roman Product Management Framework.

Requirements engineering management, Value Marketing Model, Product Market Fit.

Product monitoring throughout the entire life cycle. ROI analysis.

Creation of products in startup and corporations.

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Data Driven Company

Data Driven Company is a company that uses data to make business decisions.

Business Intelligence is more than just a collection of software and visualization tools. The added value comes from the processes of delivering the necessary knowledge to end users, using it properly and supporting decision making processes. This means that without the right processes and people, tools are worth little. Data driven companies are a method of work organisation and company culture.

The purpose of transformation is a repetitive process of data conversion into information. It should be remembered that they only have value if there are processes in place to support its effective use. This means that business needs to work with IT and BI departments.


How to become a Data Driven Company?

There are many levels of data-oriented organisations. One of the exemplary models is that proposed by Microsoft:

  • What happend? Predefined reports providing answers to the question of what happened in the organisation, showing the measured processes and their context. It also includes defined, managed and visualized KPIs at the personal, departmental and global level.
  • Why did it happen? More detailed reports for comparing different business processes. Analytical tools for independent data mining.
  • What might happen? Statistics methods, data mining, predictions allowing to consider the influence of different decisions and processes on future results.
  • What should I do (recommendation)? Comparison of different results of planning, predictions, models, decisions.
  • What should I do (automation)? Automation of selected business processes and decisions.


Each transformation process starts with the first step. Only an effective strategy can achieve the objectives set.


I write about the process of transformation and implementation of a culture oriented towards data on the blog.



Do you have questions? I will be happy to answer them.
I work full-time as well as on tasks.

Currently I live in Warsaw.